The Intake/Grand Jury Division is responsible for reviewing all adult criminal cases which occurred in Dallas County, for offenses that range from a class B misdemeanor to first degree felony and capital murder. Law enforcement agencies, including federal authorities, file cases with this division, whose staff in turn processes the approximately 60,000 cases annually.

Lawyers in the Grand Jury/Intake Division often work with law enforcement officers early in an investigation by providing legal information before a case is filed. Division attorneys also work with various agencies in the County, meeting with officers on an individual and group basis, to provide information and criminal law updates. The attorneys must examine every misdemeanor and felony offense filed by law enforcement agencies for both legal and factual sufficiency.

Because it is the duty of all prosecutors in the state of Texas not to convict, but to see that justice is done, cases are examined to determine if the facts merit proceeding toward being filed in the district or county criminal courts. Once misdemeanor offenses are accepted, intake attorneys draft pleadings, and the cases are then filed with the County Clerk’s Office. Once felony offenses are accepted by the DA’s Office, indictments are drafted by an intake attorney and the cases are presented to one of four Dallas County Grand Juries. If the Grand Jury determines (by a vote of nine members) that there is probable cause, then an indictment will be returned. If a Grand Jury votes to true bill a case, the Grand Jury Foreman’s signature is obtained and the indicted cases are filed with the District Clerk.

If defense attorneys have information that they would like to provide to the Grand Jury, they may prepare a written packet for presentation to the Grand Jurors. The Intake Grand Jury Division also coordinates with the DA’s Office’s diversion programs, moving defendants’ cases out of the state criminal justice system, when it is in the best interest of both the defendant and the public.

See also – https://www.dallascounty.org/Assets/uploads/docs/da/GrandJury_Presentations_020717.pdf