Consular Processing



If you are seeking to establish permanent residency in the United States or to obtain a green card then you should understand the process. If your immigrant petition is approved and you have obtained an immigrant visa number then you may apply at a U.S. Department of State consulate abroad for an immigrant visa. This will allow you to come to the U.S. and to be admitted as a lawful permanent resident. This process is called consular processing. There are several steps to consular processing and it begins with knowing which category you fall under for immigration:

  • Family based
  • Employment based
  • Special class

If you are seeking permanent residency through family, then a family member must file a petition on your behalf. If you are seeking residency through employment, then your employer must fill out a form, or if you are an entrepreneur, then you will file a petition on your own behalf. After the petition is filed then you will receive a denial notice along with reasons for denial and your rights to appeal, or you will receive an acceptance at the Department of State’s National Visa Center. The NVC will notify you of when your petition is received and when an immigrant visa number is available.

Once this occurs, you will have an interview with the consular office where your application will finish processing and you will be deemed eligible or ineligible for an immigrant visa.


After your visa is granted you will receive a visa packet that you will be able to present to the customs and border protection officer at a port of entry. Upon doing this you will be inspected, and if deemed admissible then you will be free to enter the United States as a permanent resident. If you are seeking this option for immigration then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of VICTORIA BARR LAW.