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Different types of common criminal DWI charges in Texas include the following:

DWI Charges Based on the Number of Prior Convictions:
*First DWI
*Second DWI
*Third DWI or Subsequent DWI

DWI Charges Based on the Impairing Substance
*Alcohol at .08 or above
*Alcohol at .15 or above
*Drug Impairment
*Combination of Drug Impairment and Alcohol Intoxication

DWI based on status of driver
*Zero Tolerance for Drivers under 21 Years Old
*DWI for Commercial Driver

DWI with Aggravating Factors
*With Open Container
*With Child Passenger

DWI Causing Damage or Injury
*With Property Damage
*With Serious Bodily Injury
*With Death

Additionally, DWI charges can be divided between felony and misdemeanor offenses depending on the facts of the case.
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